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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the use of the OptumRx web portal or mobile application.

Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully before using this site.

Internet Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) govern your use of this Web Site or the mobile application, as applicable (the “Site”). By accessing, viewing, or using the material on the Site, you indicate that you understand and accept these Terms and Conditions.

Registration and Submission to OptumRx

Certain areas of OptumRx’s website or mobile application are accessible only to registered users. To become a registered user, you must be an eligible member of a client of OptumRx to provide you with certain online services; in order to access the registered-user-only OptumRx. You acknowledge that the use of username and password is an adequate form of security. You are solely responsible for (1) authorizing, monitoring, controlling access to and maintaining the strict confidentiality of your username and password, (2) not allowing another person to use your username or password, (3) any charges or damages that may be incurred as a result of your neglect to maintain the strict confidentiality of your username and password, and (4) promptly informing OptumRx in writing of any need to deactivate an username due to security concerns. OptumRx is not liable for any harm related to the theft of usernames or passwords, disclosure of usernames or passwords, or your authorization to allow another person or entity to access and use OptumRx’s website using your username or password. You shall immediately notify OptumRx of any unauthorized use of your username or password and any breach of confidentiality. Until OptumRx receives this notification from you, you will be held liable for any harm ensuing from the use of your username on OptumRx.

Mobile Application (if applicable)

Your mobile carrier’s standard data, Internet, messaging and other service fees and charges apply to your use of, and access to, the Mobile Site, and you are solely responsible for all such fees and charges. The Mobile Site may not be compatible with all mobile devices, carriers, and services, and OptumRx does not make any representations or warranties regarding such compatibility. You are solely responsible for providing all mobile equipment necessary to access and use the Mobile Site and ensuring that your mobile handset is compatible with the type of content being provided through the Mobile Site. You understand that content delivered as part of the Mobile Site may be delivered to your device through premium mobile services and acknowledge that you are solely and exclusively responsible for any charges for such services, including but not limited to any roaming charges. You may be given the option to register to receive mobile service commercial messages from OptumRx. You understand that you may be charged by your wireless service provider in connection with the receipt of such messages. You may “opt out” of receiving future messages by following the instructions provided (i) in the wireless messages or (ii) on the Mobile Site webpage in which you registered to receive such messages.

No Medical or Legal Advice

The information provided on this Web Site is for general informational purposes. It is not medical or legal advice and is not a substitute from obtaining up-to-date, professional advice from a qualified person. Always consult with your doctor for appropriate examinations, treatment, testing, and care recommendations. Do not rely on information from this site as a tool for self-diagnosis. If you have questions about any law or requirement referenced in this site, you should contact your own legal counsel.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Liability

While we strive to keep up to date materials on the site, OptumRx cannot assume responsibility for any errors or omissions in these materials. OptumRx has no obligation to update this site; therefore information presented may be out of date and contain inaccuracies or errors. OptumRx may make changes to these materials, to the products or services described herein, or to these Terms and Conditions, at any time without prior notice, except as prohibited by law.


Clinical Information

By accessing this Web Site, you may have access to clinical information compiled by Medi-Span®, a Wolters Kluwer company. Medi-Span® uses reasonable care in collecting and reporting the information accessed via this site and has obtained such information from sources believed to be reliable. The Medi-Span®information contained on this Web Site is intended as a supplement to, and not a substitute for, the knowledge, expertise, skill and judgment of physicians, pharmacists, or other healthcare professionals in patient care. The absence of a warning for a given drug or drug combination should not be construed to indicate that the drug or drug combination is safe, appropriate or effective in any given patient. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Agreement, neither Medi-Span® nor OptumRx or its subsidiaries, assumes any (1) responsibility for errors that may appear on the Web Site or (2) liability with respect to the accuracy of codes, prices, or data contained in the Web Site. Neither Medi-Span® nor OptumRx, or its subsidiaries, nor AARP, or its subsidiaries shall be liable for any loss or damage claimed to have resulted from the use of the Web Site. You shall hold Medi-Span®, and OptumRx and its subsidiaries, and AARP and its subsidiaries harmless from any such claims and shall indemnify Medi-Span, and OptumRx and its subsidiaries, and AARP and its subsidiaries, for any expenses incurred if any such claims are made. In no event shall Medi-Span®, or OptumRx or its subsidiaries, or AARP or its subsidiaries be liable to you for special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages.

Links to Other Web Sites

This Site may contain links to other Internet Web Sites for the convenience of users in locating information and services that may be of interest. Visitors to the Site acknowledge that these third-party sites are maintained by persons or organizations over which OptumRx exercises no control; and OptumRx is not responsible for the content, the accuracy of the information, and/or quality of products or services provided by or advertised on these third-party sites. Unless otherwise stated, links do not represent intent to promote or endorse information, products or services.

Proprietary Rights

All material contained in this Site is protected by law, including but not limited to United States copyright law. Except as indicated, OptumRx is the owner of the copyright in the entire content (including images, text and look and feel attributes) and reserves all rights in that regard. Any commercial use of Site content is prohibited without the prior written consent of OptumRx. The trademarks, logos and service marks (collectively the “Trademarks”) displayed on the Mobile Site are registered and unregistered Trademarks of OptumRx and others. Nothing contained on the Mobile Site should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on the Mobile Site without the written permission of the Trademark owner. Your misuse of the Trademarks displayed on the Mobile Site, or any other content on the Mobile Site, except as provided in these OptumRx Mobile Terms and Conditions, is strictly prohibited. You are also advised that OptumRx will aggressively enforce its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law, including the seeking of criminal prosecution.

E-mail Communications

OptumRx, may contact you via e-mail to:
Respond to any questions you may send us, or send you e-mail communications about information we think you will find useful–including announcements about new products and services at the Site, or communicate other information as necessary to administer the site. Please note that when you contact us by e-mail, such communication may not be entirely secure because it travels over unsecured communication lines. As a result, you should not provide us with confidential or personal information via e-mail.

Changes; Termination

OptumRx and its suppliers or vendors may change or modify the site at any time without notice to you. OptumRx in its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate your use of this site at any time and without notice to you.