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Questions about prescription discounts?

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Who is AARP?

AARP is the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how they live as they age.

Who is OptumRx?

OptumRx is the Pharmacy Benefit Manager that administers the prescription discounts program for AARP members. OptumRx processes all pharmacy claims and operates a home delivery pharmacy.

What is AARP Prescription Discounts provided by OptumRx?

Prescription medication coverage can change each year. AARP Prescription Discounts allow users to find affordable options when it comes to filling their medications. This free discount card can help you get discounts on FDA approved medication nationwide. It’s as easy as searching for your prescription, finding the nearest location with the best price, and going to pick up your prescription.

Is it free, and can I use it for my spouse and children?

Yes, the AARP Prescription Discount Card is free for everyone, and AARP members save even more.

Do I need to sign up for AARP membership to use it?

We have a card available for AARP members and those who are not AARP members. Get your card and use it right away. You can use the card even if you’re not an AARP member, but if you want to take advantage of deeper discounts and additional benefits, sign up for a membership here.

What is a prescription discount card and how does it work? Where do the savings come from?

Prescription discount programs are administered by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), which develop select pharmacy networks and negotiate with drug companies for the best medication prices. The PBMs process pharmacy claims and sometimes operate home delivery pharmacies.

How much will I save?

Visit Find a drug price to estimate the cost of your prescription using the Rx discount card, or log in to your account and find your prescription price by searching your drug. Prices are subject to change. Site pricing does not reflect all available drugs or drug discounts. To get the most accurate prices for your prescriptions, please visit your pharmacy.

What drugs are covered?

You can save on all FDA-approved medications, brand name and generic.

Home Delivery (AARP member benefit only)

How do I sign up for home delivery?

You can call OptumRx at 1-877-422-7718 to get started. You can also create and sign into your online account, scroll down to ‘OptumRx Home Delivery’ and click to request a prescription for home delivery. Please note, not all prescriptions are eligible for home delivery (controlled substances).

What do I do if I’m having trouble with Home Delivery, or accessing my online account?

You can call OptumRx at 1-877-422-7718 anytime.

Does OptumRx anticipate any type of delays to dispense prescription medications through Home Delivery?

At this time, OptumRx is not experiencing delays in dispensing prescriptions. OptumRx is prepared to use anticipatory analysis to determine if, and when, we need to expand operations. This may include advance dispensing, workforce management, medication access and getting more involved to make sure we have the medications our patients need and the ability  to deliver them.

Getting Your Card

How do I get my prescription discount card, or get a replacement card?

There are many easy ways to get your card:

  • Go to Get your Rx card and choose to either print, download, or email yourself a card. You can also get a card through text or add it to your mobile wallet. If you choose to print or download, make sure you write in your AARP Member ID before giving it to your pharmacist (or bring your AARP member card to show the pharmacist your ID number).

  • Call OptumRx at 1-877-422-7718 and request a card.

I requested an AARP Prescription Discount Card for my mobile phone but I did not receive it. What should I do?

If you have not received a text message from OptumRx within 10 minutes, we ask that you complete the form again. If you have repeated the process and still have not received a text message with your AARP Prescription Discount Card information enclosed, please call OptumRx at 1-877-422-7718 for further assistance.

What is the difference between a text message and mobile wallet?

  • A text message sends your AARP Prescription Discount Card information in a standard text message to your mobile device.

  • A mobile wallet is a virtual wallet, or mobile phone app, that stores a digital version of your AARP Prescription Discount Card on your mobile phone. Mobile wallets are a convenient way for you to quickly reference your card when at a pharmacy. This option is only available to AARP members.

On which devices do mobile wallets work?

Mobile wallets work on most newer smartphones. Please check with your smartphone’s user guidelines to learn more about what mobile wallet apps are available for your phone.

Using the Card

Can I use the AARP Prescription Discount Card if I have insurance?

Anyone can use a discount card, regardless of whether they have insurance or not. The Rx discount card is not insurance, and cannot be used with your insurance – but it could you more.

To compare your options and see which price is better, ask your pharmacist: “Can you please check to see if the AARP Prescription Discount card price would be different from my health insurance plan’s price?”

Does using this program count toward my insurance deductible?

No—the AARP Prescription Discount card is not insurance. When using the AARP Prescription Discount card instead of your insurance, the amount you pay will not be applied toward your deductible.

How do I save?

Here’s how to save in three easy steps:

  1. At the pharmacy, ask your pharmacist how much your medication will cost through your insurance.

  2. Ask the pharmacist to run your AARP Prescription Discount card and compare that price to the price through your insurance.

  3. If AARP Prescription Discounts has a better price, ask your pharmacist to use your discount instead of your insurance.

Can I use the card for over the counter medications?

Yes! But, you do need a prescription to receive the discount. Your doctor can write a prescription for your over-the-counter medication. Call your doctor’s office and have them call or fax in the prescription to your pharmacy, and you can use your discount card at the pharmacy when you check out. If you call to refill your medications and have them delivered, you can also ask your pharmacy to apply the discount card to your prescription over the phone.

What do I do if the pharmacist won’t accept the discount card?

If your pharmacy is unable or unwilling to process your discount, please have the pharmacist call 1-877-422-7718.

Will it work if I have Medicare Part D?

Yes. However, the AARP Prescription Discount Card cannot be used in conjunction with your Medicare Part D coverage. You can only use one over the other. Show your primary insurance card and your prescription discount card to see which saves you more.

If you use a discount card on your prescriptions, the price will not count toward your Medicare Part D out-of-pocket costs, and therefore will not allow you to exceed your deductible and get out of the coverage gap. But, it could save you more than the retail or out-of-pocket price for your prescription.

Where can I use it? What pharmacies will accept it?

There are more than 66,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, including Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Kroger, Rite-Aid, and more. Or, you can enroll in home delivery.

Can I reuse my discount card? Does it expire?

The AARP Prescription Discount card does not expire and you can reuse it on prescriptions as often as you’d like. You don’t need a new card for each prescription.


I can’t find my pharmacy. What do I do?

Make sure you are entering the exact zip code of your pharmacy on the Find a drug price page. If you can’t find your pharmacy, call OptumRx at 1-877-422-7718 to confirm.

What if my drug isn’t showing up on the website?

If this happens, please call OptumRx at 1-877-422-7718. Site pricing does not reflect all available drugs or drug discounts. To get the most accurate prices for your prescriptions, please visit your pharmacy.