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Foot Wart (Plantar Warts)

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts grow on the bottom of your feet. They are caused by a virus. The warts may look and feel like a corn or callus. They are often flat and grow in small groups. Some plantar warts have small black dots on them. Walking puts pressure on the warts. This causes pain and makes the warts grow inward. There are many ways to treat a wart. Your doctor may give you drugs to take or to spread on the wart. Other times, the wart is treated with laser therapy or freezing. Sometimes, surgery is needed to remove the wart. Some warts go away without any treatment. Warts may spread to other areas of the skin. This may happen even after they have been removed. Getting rid of the wart does not get rid of the virus that caused it. You may get a wart in a new spot or back in the same spot.

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