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Essential Tremor

Essential Tremor

A tremor happens when a part of your body shakes or trembles and you cannot control it. Essential tremor is a condition where you have tremors, most often in the hands, arms, or head. It does not often affect your legs or the rest of your upper body. It may happen when you are relaxed, when you try to hold a body part still, or when you are moving. It often occurs when you try to hold your arms outstretched and still. They may also be brought on by a specific movement. This may be something like writing, drinking, or touching something. You may notice the shaking on one or both sides of your body. Even your voice may sound shaky. Essential tremor gets worse over time, but this most often happens very slowly. The tremor does not usually affect your ability to do tasks at first. It may finally become so bad that you have problems doing your normal activities. There is no cure for essential tremors. There are treatments that can help manage the signs.

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