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Cluster Headache (Horton's syndrome)

Cluster Headache

Cluster headaches are a kind of very bad headache. The pain is very strong and comes on all of a sudden. It can start by the eye or side of the head and stays on one side. It lasts for 15 minutes up to 3 hours. Your eye may get watery. Your eyelid may swell or droop. You may also start sweating and have a congested or runny nose. You may feel very restless and frustrated during an attack. Some people pace, rock, or bang their head because of the severe pain. These headache attacks happen in groups or clusters. This means you may have 1 to 8 a day for a few weeks or months. Then, you may have a time where you have no headaches at all. Cluster headaches can be treated by drugs. They can also be treated and prevented by changing the way you live. Learning about what triggers the headaches can help prevent them.

5 popular Cluster Headache (Horton's syndrome) drugs