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Anthrax is a disease caused by a germ found in dirt. It can easily spread in the form of spores. A spore is very small. You cannot easily see it, smell it, or taste it. It takes thousands of spores for you to become infected. These spores may grow and become harmful germs that can affect different parts of your body. You cannot spread anthrax from person to person. You can catch this disease in a few different ways. You may touch or come in contact with an animal that has the infection. If you eat meat that is not cooked the right way and the animal had the infection, you may get sick. You may also breathe in the anthrax spores. Anthrax has been used by terrorists as a weapon for warfare. This is because anthrax can: Live for a long period of time Spread spores in the air Cause serious or fatal signs in a short period of time to a lot of people

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